About Us

Prestwick Community Services Association, Inc., (CSA) is an oversight organization that manages the common grounds and facilities. CSA also enforces the Covenants of Prestwick. Additionally, CSA oversees the maintenance and upkeep of street lights, street signs, entryways, grounds, lakes and the dam. CSA also hires security patrols, and makes sure that insurance, legal fees and taxes are paid.

The CSA Board may include one elected representative from each neighborhood and one or more at-large members. The Board uses H&H Management, an association and property management company, to assist with the screening and selection of vendors, operational and financial services, records and document storage, and to function as a central location for homeowner questions.

In addition to the Community Services Association, the three condominium regimes (Carnoustie Circle, Fairway Hills and Prestwick One) and one single-family regime (Prestwick Glen) have established separate homeowners associations that serve the needs of each of those neighborhoods. Owners in these regimes pay assessment fees to both the CSA and their own HOA.

CSA is responsible for the enforcement of the CSA's By-Laws, Declaration and Covenants. Each regime has its own By-Laws and Covenants and while there are legal qualifications that must be met, each neighborhood has the right to establish its own neighborhood association with a separate fee structure to address regime-specific issues and covenant enforcement. Regardless of whether a neighborhood has, or wishes to, establish its own homeowners association, each owner is obligated to pay the annual CSA assessment.

The CSA By-Laws, Declaration and Covenants are available under the DOCUMENTS tab. You can also find the Covenants Enforcement Policy and Covenants Fact Sheet, along with many other useful documents, under this tab.